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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 24, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a great night, movie on demand. >> yes. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." hoops, they did it again. >> romney: this fall i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. >> i think life begins in that horrible situation of rape that is something that god intended to happen. >> romney: there is so much at stake. i hope you'll join me in supporting richard mourdock for u.s. senate. >> cenk: you can bet your bottle dollar i will not. we'll bring that to you in a minute. and then mitt has a new new is strategy. >> i came in and and some have been holding signs that say democrats for romney. i love that. did the romney's get rich off the auto bailout.
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>> romney: i said absolutely not. do not write a bailout check. >> but a bailout check was written by none other than ann romney. >> cenk: and then someone who richly deserved it. you know who i'm talking about. it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: there is only one g.o.p. senate candidate that romney has backed in this election cycle. it's richard mourdock from indiana. here is his ad supporting him. >> romney: this fall i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. richard worked with governor mitch daniels with the budget. he'll be the 51st vote to stop
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obama healthcare. and there is so much at stake, i hope you'll join me in supporting richard mourdock for u.s. senate. >> i'm richard mourdock. i approve this message. >> cenk: shouldn't we support richard mourdock. he was in a debate last night. he said something interesting. let's see if you support this. >> i realized that god is a gift from god. even when life begins in a horrible situation of rape it is something that god intenned to happen. >> cenk: god intended to happen? wow! well, how about paul ryan, he doesn't support this radical guy, does he? you can see where this is going--of course he does. he said, quote please, pleads send us richard mourdock. we need this man in the united states senate. now, he said that in in the september 17th fundraiser, of course. also another man running for united states senate--these are not podunk guys in local
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communities. these are not bloggers. these are not tangential figures. todd akin is also run running for united states senate in missouri. you remember this moment, of course. >> you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraceptions seem a bit extreme so i looked into it. >> cenk: sorry, guys i meant to give you the quote from todd akin. todd akin said if it's a legitimate rape, you all remember that, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. but let's assume that maybe that didn't work or something i think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist and not talking the child. i want to give you the last part of that for good reason. they always talk about oh, you know we've got difference of opinions. romney says, i have got an exception for rape and incest. and akin and richard mourdock
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find ways to justify it. these are not slip-ups by todd akin and richard mourdock. this is what they actually mean. they can only contain the monster for some time. then finally they just say it. why do they say it? it's because their policy is hideous. my god if you get raped they're going to have this rapist--you got to have his kid! can you imagine? just sit back for a second and imagine how hideous that is. do you know in over half the states that that guy gets visitation rights? then you have to see him for the rest of your life as that kid grows up. that is their policy. wait a minute, that's not fair to mitt romney because mitt romney says there should be an exception for rape an incest. no, that's not how it works. mitt romney is not going to to back legislation. mitt romney is going to pick a
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supreme court nominee. then the supreme court nominee will likely switch the vote to 5-4 against roe versus wade. then the supreme court decides. if the supreme court says it's okay to make it illegal, then they can make it illegal in all circumstances. think about this too, what if it's illegal to get an abortion after you've been raped? you got to have the rapist's child. you have to see the dad for another 18 years and they might put you in jail if you try to get an abortion. how sick is that? but that's their guys. that's what akin believes. that's what murdoch believes. and romney says, i don't believe that. but that's exactly what he would do by nominating someone for the supreme court. this issue is almost as important as everything else combined. you can say that obama has not been great on wall street, drone strikes, etc. but he does pick progressive
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supreme court justices. romney would definitely pick a right winger. 75% of the country wants abortion to be legal. these guys are not kidding. they would make it illegal. but here's romney with his fluffy nonsense, oh, me? of course--abortion? never heard of it. here. >> you know, those ads say mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraceptions seemed a bit extreme. i looked into it. turns out romney does not oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in case of rape, incest and to save the mother's life. these issues are concerned to me. but i'm concerned about the debt that our children will be left with. i voted for obama last time. we can't afford another four years. >> cenk: it's not true that romney would pick an extreme
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court justice and that ad is misleading in that sense. she said my reproductive rights are a little important but economy is more important and ignore the reproductive rights part. i thought this guy was a true conservative. all of a sudden he's running in the general election and's not all that conservative any more. remember this mitt romney. >> romney: i fought in a deep blue state but i was a conservative republican governor. >> cenk: back during the primaries he was severely conservative. now in the general election, me, conservative pro-life, i don't know what you're talking about. what an unbelievable fraud. the president called him out an on that today. >> obama: after running for a year in which he called himself severely conservative. mitt romney is trying to convince you that's severely kidding. >> cenk: that sounds all right there. let's go back to the ad o listen don't worry what they're
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going to do with your reproductive rights. michelle malkin said, in fact, here, we have it on tape. listen to her. >> vote with your ladies smarts and not your laid parts. >> there's a bumper sticker. >> cenk: why does she not want you to vote with your laid lady parts. they want to take those rights away from you. they know it. she's not the only one. you got to warn the kids. rush limbaugh is about to say some vulgar things but he'll hit that same exact theme. >> i want to tell you and everybody else how the obama campaign looks at women, every one of them. this is how they approach women. this is how they attempt to get their votes. you are--don't interrupt me--you are a vagina.
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you use it multiple times a day and you want somebody else to pay for the contraceptions so you can use your vagina every day. then when the contraception fails, you want an abortion, and you want somebody else to pay for that. i'm your guy. vote obama. that's their appeal to women. their appeal is that republicans don't like your vagina. they don't want you using your vagina except when they want to. and if you do get pregnant, by god, you're going to have this baby, then you're going to be put in jail. >> right right right. >> cenk: yeah, but that is your stance. in fact, you say that is your stance. you say that and if they get pregnant and try to have an abortion you will put them in jail. this is what they're so afraid of. that you're going to find out their actual policies and what they're actually going to do. he has got a female caller on
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the line saying, beth, shut up. let me tell but your vagina. beth finally gets to speak. it's funny and sad at the same time. >> i wish could i use my vagina several times a day but unfortunately i'm working 15 hours a day. it's crazy. it's absolutely crazy. >> that's why it's insulting. [ chuckling ] >> cenk: even the republicans callers are saying, i would like to use it. no unless of course you're in the dominican republic. where did he go with all that viagra. now hitch hitch back peddle, backpedal. >> so many people mistook misunderstood the points i was trying to make. if because of the clock of
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claire--the lack of clarity in my words they came away with an impression with what i said just a moment ago i apologize. >> cenk: i'm a much more humble person now that you found out what i actually think. they don't say these things by accident. they say this because they mean it. mr. richard mourdock's comments do not reflect governor romney's views. we disagree on the policy regarding exceptions for rape and incest but still support him. they will leave that ad up in indiana where mitt romney enthusiasticcally supports richard mourdock. is that the kind of guy you want? look at all these guys? they're all on the same team. what they are really afraid of is that you're going to find out what their real policy is. all right now when we come back we got some updates on the campaign for you including some
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swing state numbers. are they positive? are they negative? should you worry? should you be happy? it's nip and tuck. we'll tell you when we return. >> yes know what we know. they know what they know. and i'm confident that we're going win this race. we'll know who is bluffing and who isn't in two weeks. >> cenk: also that strategy, we're going to win! why do both sides do that? then later in the program obama administration well, there is breaking news on bengahzi. we'll bring in the tyt supreme court. are they bluffing or are they telling the truth. we'll get real, you know it. >> another alert saying the embassy in tripoli reported the islamic military group claims responsibility for the bengahzi attack on facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on the you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of
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guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now with less than two weeks left before the elections of course, there is a lot going on in the campaigns. i'm going to break down that news for you guys, and interpret it for you. for example both sides now have talking points about how they're going to win. a little different from what they were saying before. here is romney. >> romney: did you get a chance to watch the debates? [ cheering ] >> romney: they have super charged our campaign. i got to tell you that. >> cenk: all right we're going to win! the campaign and the debates--by
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the way i watched the debates. you watched three out of four of them, you and ryan did. sad day for you. now here's obama's team saying the same thing. watch. >> we know what we know, and they know what they know. i'm confident that we're going to win this race, and we'll know who is bluffing and who isn't in two weeks. >> cenk: before if you remember both sides were, look, i don't know if we're going to win the polls don't look good. all of a sudden two weeks before the election, oh, we're definitely going to win. why do they do that? before they need money. that's why they send the panic e-mails to all their supporters, etc. saying give us $3 because we're about to lose. oh, my god, it's panic time. but now we're close to the election they've raised the money, they bought the ad. what is matters most is that you turn out the vote. they think if you think your side is going to win you'll get excited and you're more likely to vote. that's why these guys will change the way they're talking.
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politics is a fascinating game, full of lies and deceptions. so they knew they were not going to lose before, and all of a sudden they think they're going to win. the same is true with romney. they thought they were going to win when he's down by ten in ohio and now he has switched his line on that. of course switching positions romney? here we go again. >> paul and i have a few things in common. one is we both learned to reach across the aisle in our elected office to find ways to work with democrats, republicans independents, to get the job done. >> cenk: of course, of course, of course, paul ryan, paul ryan reached across the aisle? he only did that to slap democrats if he did that at all. i don't know who you think you're kidding mr. severely conservative. but they are trying to get those independent voters who haven't decided. there goes severely conservative, and here comes i love democrats. i reach out all the time to work
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with them--nonsense! there was one more aspect to what is happening in the campaigns, and gloria allred with an interesting announcement. she's respecting maureen stenberg. she divorced tom stenberg. why do we care about them? they own staples and mitt romney testified for him and now she's saying that mitt romney helped tom stenberg hide the money. >> arriving in a massachusetts courtroom with client maureen stenberg in tow. mar lean stenberg is the first wife of this man. tom stenberg. he's a close friend of mitt romney even giving a five-minute
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speech at the convention testifying to the integrity of mitt romney. during the divorce proceedings mitt romney was called on to testify. the case has been under a gag order since that time. >> cenk: can they left that gag order and find out what mitt romney said and release it to the public? mitt romney team said he didn't say anything bad. that's fine. but if the issue is hiding money, that should be interesting news if it comes out before the election. maureen stenberg says about the two of them, her ex-husband and romney. i was married to his partner in crime, mr. staples they believe they can rule our world. they're not healthy people. it goes beyond greed. it's power. to help me break down all this plus the swing state polls which is very, very important of course, who are we going to bring in? obviously, epics politics man. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> cenk: all right michael. >> yes. >> cenk: all this bragging i'm going to win. i'm going to win. it reminded me of a guy from the primaries. >> i'm going to be the nominee. it's hard to look at the recent polls, the odds are high that i'm going to be the nominee. >> cenk: it doesn't really matter. there is no down side bragging about how you're going win. >> the down side is sitting here and playing somebody else's tape just like we did to newt. an air of confidence does more than appear confident to your base but it gets other people on board and people want to follow a winner. >> cenk: that's the silliest thing in the world. i root for the steelers if it looks like the cowboys are going to win well, the cowboys i'm going to vote for the cowboys. but there are people out there.
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>> s they're going to vote for the cowboy as soon as those are fair-weather friends. >> the obama campaign does it in a different way, not necessarily a better way. but a more methoddal way. the romney campaign has done that since denver. it's been an energy behind why they're doing it since they picked up in denver, and they're moving forward in it. they should have a little bit of it because things have changed. >> cenk: now if they change after denver and they got a big bounce the republicans did. but since then they have lost pretty much every debate, right? so a little bit mix on the ryan-biden debate but most polls say biden won. no mix obama won the last two debates according to every poll. has there been a bounce for that for obama. >> cenk: there was a bounce caught rising the wound stopping the plead bleeding, and making sure it didn't get better for romney. it hasn't gotten better.
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since a couple of days ago he has gotten a boost but i think it's too early to see if that's true or not. you don't expect the president to get a huge boost in the debate the way romney did. romney had to change the dialogue completely, which he did do. and obama gets back to his bench mark. >> cenk: that was a pretty good bench mark because he was winning solidly. how are we doing in those states now. >> we have new polls and i would say that the president had a good day. ohio they're three polls and a fourth that shows him up by two points. the first, the "time" magazine poll has i am up by five. survey usa has him up by three ands rasmussen poll. the romney people have camps to ohio, and they've put all their resources there realizing they can't win without ohio. you look at the early voting and
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you can see why republicans want to fight early voting. the margin of 60% to 30% obama has the early voters. in 2008 a third of ohioans voted early. it showed great organization. they have three times as many on the ground in ohio than the romney people. this is all really good. what is another important piece out of ohio out of this poll, the "time" magazine poll where he's up five, 49% to 43% is the spread. that's a higher percentage of white voters than obama is seeing in any other swing state right now. >> cenk: show me virginia really quick. >> virginia is a great set of polls for the president here. he's up seven points in old dominion university poll, and then up also in what i assume is a very republican-leaning poll if such a thing exists, newsmax/ newsmax/zogby. this is not where romney wanted
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to be in virginia. >> cenk: if he's down this far in virginia with two weeks ago that is bad news for romney. the beliefs were so big now we're back to a place where it's pretty comfortable. even rasmussen has-- >> you can't just pick the polls. you have to look at them in mass. this trend in virginia is not what romney wanted. when he announced paul ryan for his running mate in virginia. when he wanted to come out with the bayonets and the horses, they may be playing to that as well. >> cenk: no matter who it was if you told me 13 days before an election one of the guys is down 3% to 5% in virginia, i would say that's who is going to lose. now romney is down 3% to 5% in virginia. that is very bad for him.
10:25 pm
michael, thank you. we have more bad news for mitt romney. the auto bailout, it looks like he may have taken a little bit for himself. >> here in detroit where we see vultures feasting on the corporation of another victim, the delco auto parts decision of general motors. >> cenk: later in the program an elbow on top of the head of a guy who totally utterly richly deserves it. can you guess it? guess at @tytoncurrent the one time it's okay for you to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup.
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only on current tv. so vote and vote smart.
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>> cenk: now you know the romneys are incredibly wealthy and they have money in a lot of places. one of the places that ann romney has money in her blind trust--i love blind trusts--a group where she has $1 million. that's the least they have to report. eliot management has done interesting investments including on delfi--what's delfi? a parts manufacturer for g.m. they were in trouble at the same time that g.m. was in trouble. capitalists came in and swooped in on delphi. in fact, they all made a ton of money off of it, as you can see
10:29 pm
there. third point made $390 million. paulson made $2.6 billion, and eliot management made $1.29 million. they multiplied their money by 44 times--amazing, right? that sounds pretty good. how much did ann romney make off of it? she won't reveal it, that's why we keep asking her but it appears to be in the range based on the estimates of how much other people made off this same investment from $15.3 million to $115 million. so far it's a feel-good story. they invest in a company that looks like it's going under and then it does well. here is the questionable part. how did they recover and how did they make that money? first thing they did was they got rid of all their unionized workers. 25,200 union workers gone. they closed 25 of the 29 u.s. plants. and most importantly they dumped
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the worker's pensions. you can make more money if you don't have to pay the pensions, right? who did they dump it on to? of course, the american taxpayer. in fact, they got a combined $12.9 billion from the american taxpayers. $2.8 billion from tarp. $4.5 billion from forgiven by g.m. which eventually comes from us anyway, and then $5.6 billion the government had to pay for delphi pensions. now it's a whole different matter if you're making the money by getting nearly $13 billion transferred to you from the american taxpayer. what happened, romney? i thought you were against bailouts and the taxpayer taxpayer--apparently you're not against it when it goes into your pocket. when you thought things were bad enough it gets worse. the way they got that $13 billion was by holding g.m. and chrysler hostage saying if you don't give us that tax-payer
10:31 pm
money, we're not going to do a deal with you and without the parts you'll all go under. quote, according to steve ratner said it would take years and tens of billions of dollars for g.m. to replace the delphi parts. so that's why delphi had them over a barrel, and the vulture capitalists knew it. that's what they do to third world countries and it time they're doing it to us. quote fadelify laid siege to g.m.'s parties supply the bailout would fail and g.m. would have to be liquidated or sold off as would another delphi dependent chrysler. get a load of what they said. they said, because if you don't--give us that taxpayer money--we'll shut you down. the final piece of ironry, after they made all this money off of us, they turned around and spent
10:32 pm
$734 million supporters of mitt romney doing ads and $1,650 to democrats. running ads saying, hey you know what, it was obama who took your pensions away. look at this ad where they used delphi workers--look how unbelievably misleading it is. watch. >> he said the protection of pensions in the bankruptcy process was a high priority for him. >> that certainly was not the case with the delphi salaries salaried employees. >> october of 2009 our pensions were terminated, and they were not protected. >> i lost over 30% of my pension. >> the obama administration decided to terminate my pension, and i took a 40% reduction in my pension. >> cenk: that was a group called "led freedom ring. they put $7 million against obama. and they worked together on think tanks as well. so they take that money that they made off of us, and they
10:33 pm
use it to deceive us. it's grotesque. now the guy who has been pointing this out is greg palace. his book is" billionaires and bandits." great to have you here. talk to me how many times these guys have run these scams in different countries and how they can get away with running it here in the united states of america? >> they have to get away with it romney's number one donor has pulled this scam in the congo, in peru, and now against argentina. his activities are now illegal in most of europe and england. his funds actually some how figured out how to pocket the money that was to go to the congo, the poorest nation in the world, our aid money, during the
10:34 pm
cholera epidemic nice guy partner with romney. they pulled that scam all over the world but in the usa it is still legal. what romney and his syndicate did under paul singer said pay up and that's a quote, or we will shut you down. now the obama administration in the car czar diary said this is extortion. but there was no choice. we're not bankrupting g.m. but liquidation. they got $13 billion the entire romney-relateed syndicate. $13 billion, $12.9 billion. they shut every one of the plants that remained under their control except one. eliminateed all 25,000 uaw jobs but they did create jobs. they created 25 jobs in china. every one of those jobs, uaw jobs every one was moved to china. that's how they made their
10:35 pm
money. they are not happy with obama because now obama is coming after them has decided they pulled off this student once stunt against the u.s. treasury. we had no choice, we were held hostage, but that's it. they're going after him. >> cenk: now i understand there is another part of this that you want to talk about now, which is allyallied financial who are they and how are they involved? >> question, that we haven't gotten to. it has not come out publicly yet. romney's group through eliot management and the vulture i'll give him the name the vulture. he's a vulture. paul the vulture singer decided to hold allied hostage. that's the old g.m. finance unit. it's pretty hard to sell cars. now he's withholding the finance unit which he has control of. the u.s. government has already
10:36 pm
dropped $17 billion into g.m. ac now called allied. g.m. needs allied back, but the obama administration is saying, you know what, we're not writing another check for mr. singer and his partner. it's not that he's going after romney, but he's saying we paid enough. we paid enough. plus on top of that we have the obama administration who has gone into court to stop singer's vulture fund with their silent partner mr. romney from attacking the nation of argentina. and singer is lived, livid. the romneys have made $115 million. they confirmed they made the money. they're not saying how much, but they're confirming that they made the profits. >> cenk: part of the reason why they're not releasing their taxes they don't want you to know how much they made. greg palast, thank you so much for joining us on "the young
10:37 pm
turks." >> thank you kemp. >> cenk: now when we come back well how are the senate races doing? you know that richard mourdock guy, is he winning? is he losing? what is happening next? you'll find out in the next segment. >> i watched mazie do it. and that nancy pelosi-- >> i will not say anything else. >> why is that republican supporting that democrat in hawai'i, and how is she doing? that's really interesting to see who is going to get control of the senate. and then later in the program the obama administration being honest about what happened in bengahzi? new details. we'll supreme court it up. >> among some two dozen individuals on a list of potential suspect who are linked to the intelligence traffic who are bragging to a close circle of friends. >>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk! the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy.
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gleam[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> the u block is brought to you by elegance and performance and technology. >> cenk: you guys asked us to talk about the senate races more because that's incredibly important. whether we can get anything done if president obama wins or if god for bid mitt romney wins, if he can get anything done, who controls the senate. i'm glad you asked. we'll bring in epic michael shure. how are they doing? >> they're giving a gift to the democrats. going into this event before the debate happened. a poll released in indiana global strategy group released it yesterday congressman joe donnelly up two points on richard mourdock before this happened. the reason why all of this is happening is not because they found richard mourdockties despicable.
10:42 pm
that did not figure in the poll. a lot of richard lugar voters who were disenfranchised after the election in the primary of richard mourdock, the lugar people have not come over to his side. they're going to donnelly or staying home. >> cenk: and donnelly is a fairly conservative democrat. he's also pro-life, obviously not as extreme as richard mourdock. >> and lugar has not come out to bat for richard mourdock either. >> cenk: so is it over? >> i would say it's over. i really would. i don't see how he can recover fr last night, , dd alreadydy was okokg d f f r rha mo modock. >> cenk: how bad are the republicans running this, that they're going to lose indiana. >> they're going to lose indiana, missouri, and it's a little bit of a disaster for them. it's not filibuster proof but it still makes democrats flirt with that a little bit. it's great. >> cenk: now hawai'i has a former governor running.
10:43 pm
>> former governor of maui. that's a good, good. she's facing mazie hirono. she's the sitting congresswoman for the district of hawai'i. and they're going for the seat of retiring governor. don young the at-large representative from alaska endorsed her with thissed a. >> while mazie and i don't see eye to eye with everything. we've done something that too many in washington across the aisle do we work together. >> once we join together as republican and democrat, i had to battle our own part leadership to get our amendment passed. >> i washed mazie do it p and that nancy pelosi is one stubborn-- >> don, what did i tell you? >> i won't say anything else. >> cenk: it's working for her. >> it's working for her.
10:44 pm
a lot of republicans were future russ with don young and then don young turns around and now endorses linda lingle. >> cenk: he endorses everyone. >> i only meant it for the primaries. linda is down 55% to 39%. >> cenk: that's already over. >> it's over but that's an interesting race. that is going to stay as a democrat. >> cenk: we've been covering a lot of senate seats. we haven't seen many advantages for the republicans in almost any of these close races. >> we'll get to a few but it's trending the other way cenk. >> cenk: it's fascinating. i think a lot of people may be surprised how big the democrats win on the senate side in 13 days. here i go again jinxing it, sorry guys. when we come back the right wing has a new conspiracy theory--of course! this one is absurd. it's about the filmmaker who started the protest in the middle east. we'll tell you about it when we return. >> the judge will decide whether he violated the terms of his
10:45 pm
probation from a 2010 bank fraud charges.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right. we have a serious tyt supreme court for you today. it turns out we got 'em--maybe. turns out one of the guys involved in the attacks in bengahzi here is the report. >> arrested in turkey and now being held by authorities in connection with the bengahzi attack on. he's described as a suspected participant and not commander of
10:49 pm
the assault. among two dozen individuals on the list of suspect who is are linked through intelligence traffic, who was bragging to a close circle of friends and in a video from the compound. >> cenk: are we buying it? did they get a guy involved right before the election? the republicans are not buying it. guys look a little convenient. he's among two dozen suspects. he's arrested in a very friendly country in turkey, are you buying it or not buying it. let's go to the middle east correspondent first. >> they made it clear they didn't get any sort of leader. i think--the guy is not going to have a good time for the next few weeks. i'm sure he'll be detained until then, but this is not a political move. they've been investigating and
10:50 pm
searching these folks. one guy out of 12 not a victory. >> cenk: they were going to arrest somebody before the election. >> of the things i wish i would have said out loud. oh we're going to hear about it i can't believe they gave this fake arrest. but you know what, if people are going to be influenced by something like this before the election, i would say let them get influenced by it. either way it goes, i mean, i have very little patience with it. >> cenk: i don't think people will get that influenced. >> i totally disagree. >> cenk: here's the thing, michael. i'm not saying that this guy isn't guilty of something. they probably had him on a list somewhere, and he, he's in in turkey. that's close to libya. >> i don't buy it at all. first of all the president need an arrest in libya to make himself look tough on terrorism. he got osama bin laden. he has been tough on terror. he has been tough on al-qaeda.
10:51 pm
he doesn't need to have--he doesn't even need to walk into the risk of having this look like it was trumped up. >> you're right. there was no mission accomplished. >> cenk: he didn't do a press conference or anything like that. fox news has a different theory. they said, my god we've got e-mails who said we knew about the attacks a couple of hours in. here is the facebook message they're referring to of someone claiming responsibility. embassy tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on the embassy in tripoli. on facebook someone taking responsibility. they knew--here is fox news talking about it more. >> new evidence into fox news that the obama administration knew that the libya attack was an act of terror even as it happened. obtaining internal state department e-mails showing that an al-qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility for the bengahzi attack as the assault was ongoing.
10:52 pm
the state department knew as this was going on that a terrorist group with links to al-qaeda had claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter, yet they came out with that ridiculous story. >> cenk: i'm going the other way on this one. people claim responsibility all the time. it doesn't mean a goddamn thing does it michael? >> it doesn't mean a thing. every time there is an incident, i'm sure this is the 47th person who claimed responsibility for libya. >> absolutely. i'm sure there are people falling all over each other in libya trying to take responsibility for this. happily we don't have a president who rushes to make a statement based on facebook. >> cenk: the guy who produceed that "innocence of muslims" movie, it turned out he violated his probation, it appears. he has been arrested since september 28th, and he'll have a hearing on november 9th. a couple of days after the
10:53 pm
election jayar are they hiding him because of something i can't figure out? >> no, they're missing all the connections. i thought it was because of anybody with this movie. they're going to hide the guy who made the movie until after the election day. then he had something to do with it. >> cenk: that's a great way to go with it. first it was a mixed bag on fox news. the other two totally wrong. now eliot spitzer is totally right with whatever he's going to say on "viewpoint" next. what is it eliot. >> eliot: man, i like that introduction. i'll be nice to you some day too. we're going to be talking about that richard mourdock statement who is running for the senate in indiana, the crazy republican who is saying answer where someone has been raped and there is a pregnancy, there should not be a right to an abortion. reopening the war on women. the republicans cannot stay away from this issue.
10:54 pm
romney has endorsed the guy and has refused to pull his endorsement. it's going to be crazy. >> cenk: appreciate it eliot. when we come back an elbow on top of a head that you've been dying to deliver. please me, you're going to enjoy this. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
10:55 pm
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